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Matt Keating and Steve Mayone

Over the last 3 years the Bastards of Fine Arts have written, performed and perfected over 50 new songs -- and now, they've recorded sixteen of the very best of those songs for their debut album as the Bastards of Fine Arts.

To date, Matt and Steve have self-financed the substantial costs of recording studio, session time, and rehearsals. And now they are asking for a little help from their friends to bring this project to its completion and release.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Bastards of Fine Arts is a new band with old roots. Matt Keating and Steve Mayone are both accomplished songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, singularly releasing multiple albums over the past two decades.

Both began their careers in the 1990’s, moving from bands to solo artists: Keating has released 11 albums. NPR says: “In a career spanning more than 20 years, Matt Keating has established himself as one of America’s great under the radar songwriters. His work is rife with clever and incisive tunefulness.”

Mayone has released 5 albums. Americana UK says: “The stark truth is Mayone is a master songsmith. He crafts and molds his stories eloquently and intelligently and there’s not many that you can say that about.”

Keating and Mayone joined forces in 2016 and began a productive songwriting collaboration, putting up a new song weekly on social media for a year in their online music series, NEW SONG FORWARD FRIDAY. Joined by Jason Mercer on Bass (Ron Sexsmith, Oh Pep) and Greg Wieczorek on drums (Norah Jones, Autumn Defense), they’ve been performing around NYC and the Northeast and play regularly at the 11th St. Bar in the East Village. Their debut album is due for release in 2019.


Keating and Mayone grew up loving the same music, taking almost identical paths to independent artists, almost crossing paths along the way. Both lived and worked in Boston in the 1980’s, Matt as a member of Circle Sky and Steve as a member of Big Clock. The 1990’s saw Keating move to NYC, releasing a series of well respected solo albums, while Steve moved to Minneapolis to form Raintribe, a band with Michael Koppelman (Prince), and then to Boston to lead his own band, Hummer. In the 2000’s, Mayone released his first solo albums, while Keating continued to write, produce and perform.

With A Little Help From Our Friends

We have been organizing our empire and are making great headway. Our good friend (and Technical Bastard) Kenneth Feldman of KPFdigital has graciously donated his time to build the website you’re now looking at, but we want to pay him for his good works. We know some amazing mixing and mastering engineers that we’d love to work with. We also want to print vinyl because we believe the album will sound glorious in that format. On top of that, we want to pay for promotion both stateside and in Europe. And if that weren’t enough, Matt and Steve will be touring Europe and the UK in 2020 to promote the album.

All Together Now

When you make your donation to this Fun-Raiser, you’ll become a member of the Bastards Family and will receive the associated reward listed below. Details will be emailed out after donation.

All rewards except private lessons and house concert will be available after release of the album.

  • Private Music Lessons: 4 music lessons with Matt or Steve. In person within a 5 mile radius or by Skype. For guitar, bass, piano, mandolin or songwriting. Does not apply to current students.
  • House Concert: Matt and Steve (or full band) will perform two 45 minute sets or one 90 minute set of original music at your house within a 30 mile radius. We will bring our own instruments and if needed, a small PA system.
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